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Services Procedure

Every piece of InnoAlign Aligner is crafted by our dentist's team and our professionals with our advanced technology from Taiwan.


1. Contact us

Just DM to consult with us, get the price estimation and make an appointment with our partnered clinic.


2. Cloud Planning and Design

Our dentists and our professionals craft every piece of InnoAlign Aligner. The treatment plan will be designed to fit every single case.


3. Clear Aligner Manufacturing

From the CAD design of your Clear aligner, with our support CAM technology, your clear aligner will be mill, qualified and packaged to deliver to you.


4. Collect and Delivery services

There are 2 alternative ways for collecting your aligners

  1. Free delivery to your address

  2. Collect at our partnered clinics

After this, the patient needs to follow the appointment with the responsibility to monitor treatment progress every 1 or 2 months. And change the set of clear aligners wearing follow the instruction.

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