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You’ve Got Questions - I’ve Got Answers

what is a clear aligner?

  • ​Clear aligner treatment used new technology to replace the traditional orthodontic treatment for more convenience to the patient and more confidence during the treatment by CAD technology to design the treatment wearing device for use in treatment.

What is the required information?

  • ​The required information for treatment planning was including of the x-ray film, panel photo, and teeth impression model which will be used for the analysis of the patient's condition for planning and design of treatment.


Do you offer financing options?

  • We provide some financing options for you, please contact us to decide on a financing plan for you.

Where could I get the required information (as for treatment planning material)?

  • Can ask for general dental evaluation service at any provided clinic that provides those services in the required list (x-ray, dentofacial photo, and teeth imprint) or contact our local partner Dent Define Dental Clinic to make an appointment

How we could know what the result will look like?

  • Before we start the treatment, the simulation model of the result will be evaluated both by dental professional opinion and for you to evaluate the satisfied result.

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